Calling all small businesses, fashion enthusiasts and creative entrepreneurs!

Do your social media platforms need a bit of extra love or attention?

Perhaps, you’ve got yourself in a bit of a style rut and would like some professional help building your dream wardrobe?

Look no further, I’m exactly who you’re looking for!

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Hey! If you’ve missed or skipped over the About Me section, I’d love to formally introduce myself to you…again.

My name is Eunice and I work full time as a Social Media Executive, while juggling my baby (blog!) on the side. I graduated with a BA Hons in Fashion Business and Promotion as I’ve always had a flair for the ‘business of fashion.’

As a University student, I dabbled in Retail jobs, looking to put my practical and styling skills to use. Starting off as a young Sales Assistant prior to University, I worked my way up in the Retail industry, landing a Stylist position in AllSaints (you can call me the leather specialist qween!) and then moving on to work as an in-store Senior Stylist for Reiss.

My time at Reiss enabled me to gain valuable knowledge relating to fashion and personal style. From styling young ladies for their prom to helping professional women build their work wardrobe, it was indeed a period that enhanced my skills and opened me up to a wider clientele. I’ve always been a ‘people person’ and it gives me great satisfaction being able to empower women through style, boost their confidence, and help them find beauty within themselves. When I left Retail, I landed my career job - Social Media Marketing, as well as the Social Customer Service side of things.

Starting my career in a Marketing agency meant I managed a few client accounts ranging from various sectors: Automation, Hospitality, Recruitment and Fashion. Currently, I work in the Rail Industry, performing social media duties for one of the most reputable brands, Virgin Trains. You’re probably thinking “wow, this girl has been out here!” True, I’ve dabbled in a bit here and there, but fashion & style will always be number one. With the Fashion Industry becoming more and more competitive, I’m finding new ways of sharing my passion through this platform which I’m forever thankful for.

So, now I’m offering my services to you! Think of me as your BFF rather than a stranger. I’m here to help YOU and share my expertise, because trust me I’ve definitely struggled with the same problems that you may be experiencing - Deciding on a solid brand image, identifying your personal style, or even trying to figure out this Social Media game! Are you ready? Then keep scrolling, dear!



What I can help with:

A Wardrobe Detox - Together we’ll have a look through your wardrobe, see what works/what doesn’t, make a list of core items that your wardrobe needs. The aim here is to create a versatile wardrobe that YOU love.

Outfit Building - I’ll help you create looks from the items you already own, based on your lifestyle needs. Whether it be for an occasion, work or anything else, it’ll take the stress out of figuring out what to wear.

Personal Shopping - My favourite! We’ll make our way to the high street (or whatever your shopping preference) and create a wardrobe that suits you and your lifestyle, making you feel comfortable and stylish at the same time!

*each service listed above also includes a complimentary style consultation, where I’ll introduce you to personal styling, learn about your shape, colours and what best suits you.*



What I can help with:

Brand Discovery - A mini session where we discuss your goals, objectives, target audience/ideal customers, competitors and current positioning. It’ll help me gain an insight into your business and help get that ball rolling!

Brand Ideation - After learning about the above, this stage will aid in pulling those ideas for your brand together. I’ll do some research and we’ll meet over a cuppa, where I can share my ideas and thought process with you.

The Birth of a Brand - Once we’ve both concluded on our ideas, it’s time to bring your brand to life! I’ll create a PDF/Powerpoint document, showcasing a brand mood-board including colour palettes, typography, competitor analysis, brand values/mission statement, imagery and a consumer profile.



Social Media Marketing can grow your business and deliver ROI. There are a range of social media services to help you create the perfect strategy for your business!

What I can help with:

Social Media Audit - We’ll take a look at the social media platforms you’re currently using, identify which sites/apps drive traffic from your target audience and which ones require more focus. I’ll analyse each platform and create an Excel spreadsheet detailing information about bios, profile photos, brand image and identity across all platforms. The aim here is to review the pros and cons, deliver a consistent and coherent message across all platforms while ensuring they are in line with the brand’s identity.

Social Media Strategy - I’ll help you create a solid social and content strategy, testing and analysing different types of content suitable for the brand. I’ll present to you a plan, including an editorial calendar to prepare for key events and achieve your goals. This stage will include a lot of testing to identify the best optimal posting time for content and really getting into the core of your audience’s interests.

Account/Profile Creation and Branding - New to Social Media? I’ve got you covered! I’ll help set up your account(s) and advice you on what social networks to use. This service will ensure that social profiles work for the brand and I can even schedule some content to get you started in the first few weeks.

Content Publishing - I can schedule your content as I do know that it can be hard to find the time to post your content, especially across multiple channels. I’ll introduce you to social media scheduling tools and we can select the right one that caters to your business’s needs. Also throwing in a content calendar because we’re super efficient and organised individuals!

Research and Analysis - I’ll offer research and valuable insight about your brand e.g. audience and customers: their interests, behaviours, pain points, and who they are. This service will also include a competitor analysis: a comprehensive look at competitors, what they’re doing on social and how they are performing. This will help you spot strengths and weaknesses of your brand which can then be applied to your own strategy.

Community Management - This service is all about observing what your audience is discussing and looking for opportunities for content creation. I’ll be your Community Manager - responsible for advocating your brand on social networks. I’ll actively engage and connect with the online community, to secure potential customers and advocate accordingly. Community Management also involves responding to customer’s queries across all channels and taking appropriate action to resolve these queries if needed.

*the above services will also include a complimentary session where you share a brief overview of your brand and discuss services which may help take it to the next level. I can also create bespoke services dependant on your needs.*

Whatever your requirements, I’ve got you covered!

For further enquiries about any of the services listed above, please drop me an email: