What did you study in University and what do you do now?

I studied Fashion Business & Promotion in Birmingham City University, with the hope of landing a career in Social Media Marketing. I feel so blessed to have secured a role within a Marketing agency when I graduated but those blessings multiplied when I was employed to work in-house for Virgin Trains as part of the Social Media Team. A year and a half later, I’m still loving it!

What inspires your style?

I find inspiration everywhere. I could either be scrolling through Instagram, Tumblr or Pinterest and immediately be drawn to a particular style and start imagining ways I could recreate that look for myself. Other days, I could just spot someone (male or female) wearing an incredibly cool outfit and then go home to pretty much repeat the process. If we’re talking about eras, my style is hugely inspired by the 70s/90s but there’s nothing wrong at all with being able to pull off both!

Where are you from?

A lot of people I meet at random or at certain places, always have difficulty guessing where I’m from when I open my mouth to speak. They often assume I’m Canadian, Bajan or American but little do they know that a surprise awaits them. I am indeed Nigerian but was raised in Ireland pretty much all my life, but then I decided to move to the United Kingdom 5 years ago to pursue my studies. So yeah, there you have it!