Styling The Linen Blazer - A Spring/Summer Staple

 The ultimate Spring/Summer staple styled with an all white look and tan sandals for chillier days. This mens blazer was thrifted and purchased at a bargain price of £4. My new found love for all things vintage allows me to raid thrift shops first before lurking around on the high street. Does this mean that I'm making the move to shopping at charity and vintage shops? Absolutely.

What I love most about this look and palette is its versatility - being able to style it with some boots for work and sporting the look during a weekend catch up with friends. This outfit will definitely be on repeat next Spring/Summer and I’ve even layered it during Autumn with a turtleneck knit and some knee high boots. The blazer was also one of the pieces selected to form my capsule wardrobe for Autumn/Winter which you can read more about, here.


summer whites

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It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas


Christmas trees are up, the neighbour's over the top lights are visible from miles away and we're ringing in the holiday cheer with some classic, beloved Christmas films. (Home Alone, anybody?) Duvet days also become acceptable especially when you're snowed in but hey, I'm not complaining. Having said that, we can all agree that Christmas is a stressful time of year too. With numerous Christmas parties, outings, gift exchanges and shopping, it can all get overwhelming.

What does Christmas mean to you? To me, Christmas is about celebrating the birth of Jesus and spending time with friends and family. We grow up celebrating Christmas with our families but after we move away as young adults, it becomes more difficult. From being a University student, part time retail assistant and now in the professional field, trust me I know the struggle. After 4 years living away from my family, Christmas is the perfect time to reconnect, spread Christmas cheer, attend church services together and gratefully eat Christmas dinner, nom! I also cherish Christmas reunions with my childhood friends, cracking jokes and reminiscing on the good old days - what more can you ask for?


We speak about the hustle and bustle of everyday life, making excuses and tend to forget how lucky we are to have shelter, food on the table and people that genuinely care for us. There are so many people in the world that do not have the same luxuries as the rest of us and for that, I remain thankful not just at Christmas but every single day.

Gratitude. Kindness. Compassion

Now is a good time to show gratitude for the people who anchor you. Taking some time to be appreciative of what you have in your life, is what will make the most difference to you.

People you are close to, or friends that are not near, but have impacted you in some way - they matter.

Taking time to feel the gratitude - This is what matters.

Expressing that gratitude - It matters.


I thought I'd steer up this post by showing some enthusiasm for Christmas, but I'm sure you've been waiting for the outfit details. Are you ready to get the low down on the outfits featured in this post? Keep reading, sweet pea(s)...

So, I had the honour of shooting in London with the beaut Alisha Dandy. I selected 4 looks for this editorial - The Faux Fur Jacket, The Velvet Dress, The Suit and The Sequins. I opted for some easy and wearable Christmas outfits which YOU can even incorporate into your festive wardrobe. Instead of packing away these pieces come January, I can assure you that I've found plenty of ways to wear them after the holidays. A lot of people think the glitz and glam of Christmas equates to 'drama dressing' but let's be real - you don't have to be adorned in glamorous glitter or even have to strut in the BADDEST dress. Make do with the simple things. Following on from my current obsession with all things minimal but stylish, I've selected 4 pieces this season that I can even incorporate into my work wardrobe. You know you're getting old when all you care about is finding the right outfits for work... sigh!


The Faux Fur Coat

I have to say that I am a massive fan of all coats faux fur currently available on the high street.

Grey Faux Fur Coat

Turtleneck Sweater

Pencil Skirt

Over The Knee Boots

A velvet dress paired with ankle boots

My go-to outfit for the office!

Printed Velvet Dress

Ankle Boots

A Cord suit

The fashionista in me wants to take her suit game to another level! I'm blending in with Christmas, sporting a dark green corduroy suit and red turtleneck knit.

Corduroy Suit

& Turtleneck Sweater

Sparkle and Sequins

I love me some subtle shine.

 Sequin Top (Similar)

Side Slit Satin Trousers (Similar)

Kitten Heel Mules


Styling The Faux Fur Biker Jacket


The time has finally come. It's getting darker earlier, and we can now dig out all of our Winter coats. With the recent weather conditions, I can actually say that I've finally got the 'Autumn feels.' Whilst I was out randomly window shopping, I came across this beautiful faux fur biker jacket in Whistles. Even before I had tried it on, I had fallen in love with it over and over again in my head.

I love everything about this jacket - the colour, shape and fit. Just sheer perfection. I purchased it around September 2016, fast forward a couple of years and it’s still perfect. The first time I wore it was actually on the day of this shoot in London. It's the perfect Autumn/Winter piece amongst the many on the high street, and I've simply just paired it with some straight jeans, a turtleneck and my metallic silver boots.


Photography by @alishadandy

Whistles Faux Fur Biker Jacket

When Burgundy is worn with metallics, it transforms it from a wonderfully understated colour into a rich and regal tone. Silver gives you a perfect and cool contrast to deep red. I've kept my accessories quite simple just opting for some earrings to avoid throwing off the rest of my outfit. This jacket is definitely a piece that will take me from chilly October evenings right through until the unbearable temperatures in February. I've toned down the palettes in my wardrobe, playing around with some key staples and incorporating some colour pop textures. If you're looking to inject a little fun into your wardrobe without being over the top, then this faux fur biker jacket in a subtle burgundy tone, is exactly what you need. What outerwear pieces are you investing in this season?

Until next time,



How To Style The Autumnal Floral Dress.


Introducing the life hack of a dress styled with separates for days when you can't find that top you're rummaging for and the statement of the Autumn floral print which means you have a look without having to go the extra mile.

Many would agree that this floral print dress is the perfect summer beach dress, whilst you're sipping on a Pina Colada in let's say... Gran Canaria? However, for a laid-back take, I've decided to layer over some jeans, and re-appropriating girly-ness. When I first started blogging, one of the statements I reiterated was that "fashion has no rules." Wear what you want, when you want. As long as you're confident and happy in what you've put on, who cares what anybody else thinks? Life is too short to be living up to someone else's standards or expectations.


Photography by @ebun._

Swap out your statement blouse or top for a full-blown dress, with a longer sleeve length I suggest, crafting a fresh way to make your wardrobe work double time. You know the funniest thing is that many of you may think this is just EXTRA on another level or that a lot of effort has been put into creating this whole look but all it is is an illusion when in reality I've just taken a dress and put it over a pair of jeans.


The high slit allows a good proportion of the jeans to be seen while still being obvious that it is a dress. The juxtaposition of fabrics and the addition of an oversized denim jacket adds an extra edge, taking us back to the point I mentioned above about 're-appropriating girly-ness.'

I've kept accessories to a minimum to avoid making the look too busy and I plan on layering up as the weather gets colder, with a chunky knit. Isn't it just amazing how a chunky knit comes in handy for every type of outfit? Also, sock boots are here to stay!

Let me know your thoughts on dresses over jeans? Yay or nay?

Until next time,



How To Style A Longline Black Cardigan


Photography by @ebun._

There's nothing more refreshing than taking a few days off to unwind, coming back with enough motivation and energy to get back into the routine! This look is ideal for casual days when you want to make an ounce of an effort - hence the pointed kitten heeled mules.


If you missed out on the first post on how I styled the Autumnal floral print dress, you can find that, here. The whole point of this series is to just share some inspiration around how you can elevate some of the simple and minimal pieces in your wardrobe with accessories etc. I love a good old pointy heel or some statement jewellery, as shown below. A white tee and a pair of blue jeans are undeniably the go-to casual look if you fancy a midweek break or if you're running errands at the weekend. I'd describe this look as a 'hump day' outfit for Wednesdays in the office.


What I'm Wearing //

Keep Me Warm Black Jersey Knitted Cardigan

Basic T-Shirt

Straight Regular Jeans

Multirow Necklace

Black Western Belt

I've never really been fond of longline chunky knit cardigans but when I came across this one from Tobi, what I loved most about it was the interesting cut of the neckline and the side slits. I went for M/L size for an oversized look and extra cosiness, of course. A longline cardigan is also the perfect transitional piece from now until Spring /Summer, perfect for easy, chilled out days.

How do you style your longline cardi?

Until next time,


How To Style Striped Jogger Pants


In today’s post, I present to you a visual checklist of my ultimate style essentials this Autumn, in collaboration with Tobi. Before I proceed, I would like to mention that this is a non-dedicated post.

When Tobi reached out for collaboration with me on some of their current pieces, I was thrilled. I had a mooch on their website and proceeded in selecting some pieces that I could really work within my wardrobe this season.

I received 3 items and after carefully putting each look together, I decided to create a three part series on how I’ve styled each look which you can find, here and here.


What I'm Wearing //

Sandy Black Side Striped Jogger Pants

Basic Denim Jacket

High Heel Sock-Style Ankle Boots

Multirow Necklace

When we think of basics, we automatically think of core pieces in our wardrobe. You know, the ones we at least wear every second day. I’ve recently decluttered a wardrobe of whimsical and impractical items, totally dedicating myself to eliminating the unnecessary. I’m slowly gearing towards more basic pieces that are not ‘basic’ in the sense of being cheap or lacking in quality, but items that can be worn with just about everything dressed up, down or in any way that pleases you individually. They’re a great base layer to work from and build upon if you’re currently going through a style revamp and do not want something overpowering.


Photography by @ebun._

Having said that, I’m sporting (get it?!) a pair of side striped jogger pants. Not exactly Adidas but it definitely works, right? Everyone is aware of the elevated play on wearable sportswear over the last few years and to be honest, I’ve never really hopped on the bandwagon when it comes to trends but one piece that has tickled my fancy has been the everyday tapered jogger.

I’ve dressed them up in pointy black ankle boots not to dominate the outfit but rather stabilise it. I’ve always enjoyed playing around with silhouettes so I’ve added an oversized denim jacket which I purchased from Zara Men. Guys, I never realised how hard it was to find the perfect denim jacket in exactly the right fit and style but one thing I’ve realised is that you can always count on Menswear to come through with exactly what you’re looking for. I reckon I need to spend more time down the men’s aisle…

Let me know in the comments below, what core items you’re incorporating into your wardrobe this season!

Until next time,