There is more to you than yesterday...

Image via Tumblr

Image via Tumblr

Hello all! I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the New Year and have taken as much downtime as needed! As we head back into reality after a lovely festive break, I’d love to send out some encouragement this month to help you smash all your personal, career and business goals!

Following on from my 2018 reflection post, here, January is a month where I’m reflecting on my previous successes and failures and identifying ways of turning those failures into successes in 2019. To inspire me on my journey, I’ve been declaring some positive affirmations and seeking inspiration whilst I work on my goals daily. The theme this month is ‘New Beginnings.”

Some things I battled with in 2018 included, self doubt, worry, anxiety, the fear of loneliness and insecurity. This year I release myself from:

Negative thoughts

I will stop dwelling and instead, choose to refocus my mind. I am loved and wrapped in endless boundless grace.


Self Condemnation - the feeling of not being good enough

I choose to live free from fear and free from other people’s opinions/perceptions of me. I choose to turn my mind from everything I am not to everything I am.


Pain and insecurity

I will live the life that God has given me to the fullest. I will no longer be afraid to take a leap of faith. I will go forth, shine and do that which my heart desires to do.


Having everything figured out

I may not be where I want to be right now but that does not mean I won’t get there. I am grateful for how far God has brought me, for the blessings I’ve received and for the ones still on their way.



I will no longer worry about what the future may hold for me, my career, my relationships and my family. Instead, I will put all trust and hope in the Lord as He knows my beginning and end which gives me comfort and joy to live with peace of mind.

Photography by    Fordtography

Photography by Fordtography


Unravelling The Layers - The Lingerie Edit

Remember the moodboard I curated, here? Well, I’m happy to say that I successfully got around to taking my inspiration and bringing it to life.

One thing I’ve struggled with is coming out of my comfort zone - completely. Even when I was planning this shoot, the thoughts at the back of my mind were, “what will people think of me displaying my intimates online?’ “will this cause people to view me differently?’ It’s common for us to base our decisions on the perception of others and live up to someone else’s expectations. I’m glad to have finally taken part in this studio shoot with Sam. We literally spent the whole day shooting outfits and then building a home studio for my lingerie edit. I hope you guys love the images as much as I do!

These pieces were gifted to me by the lovely ladies over at Bloom & Boudoir. As a young woman with a full(ish) bust, I’ve struggled with lace bralets especially when it comes to concealing the nipples under my clothing and the fit. These are by far the best sets I’ve owned as all issues have been eliminated. I think that deserves a YAY!

Facetune_10-10-2018-19-16-25 2.jpg
Facetune_10-10-2018-19-17-15 2.jpg

Styling The Faux Fur Biker Jacket


The time has finally come. It's getting darker earlier, and we can now dig out all of our Winter coats. With the recent weather conditions, I can actually say that I've finally got the 'Autumn feels.' Whilst I was out randomly window shopping, I came across this beautiful faux fur biker jacket in Whistles. Even before I had tried it on, I had fallen in love with it over and over again in my head.

I love everything about this jacket - the colour, shape and fit. Just sheer perfection. I purchased it around September 2016, fast forward a couple of years and it’s still perfect. The first time I wore it was actually on the day of this shoot in London. It's the perfect Autumn/Winter piece amongst the many on the high street, and I've simply just paired it with some straight jeans, a turtleneck and my metallic silver boots.


Photography by @alishadandy

Whistles Faux Fur Biker Jacket

When Burgundy is worn with metallics, it transforms it from a wonderfully understated colour into a rich and regal tone. Silver gives you a perfect and cool contrast to deep red. I've kept my accessories quite simple just opting for some earrings to avoid throwing off the rest of my outfit. This jacket is definitely a piece that will take me from chilly October evenings right through until the unbearable temperatures in February. I've toned down the palettes in my wardrobe, playing around with some key staples and incorporating some colour pop textures. If you're looking to inject a little fun into your wardrobe without being over the top, then this faux fur biker jacket in a subtle burgundy tone, is exactly what you need. What outerwear pieces are you investing in this season?

Until next time,