Unravelling The Layers - The Lingerie Edit

Remember the moodboard I curated, here? Well, I’m happy to say that I successfully got around to taking my inspiration and bringing it to life.

One thing I’ve struggled with is coming out of my comfort zone - completely. Even when I was planning this shoot, the thoughts at the back of my mind were, “what will people think of me displaying my intimates online?’ “will this cause people to view me differently?’ It’s common for us to base our decisions on the perception of others and live up to someone else’s expectations. I’m glad to have finally taken part in this studio shoot with Sam. We literally spent the whole day shooting outfits and then building a home studio for my lingerie edit. I hope you guys love the images as much as I do!

These pieces were gifted to me by the lovely ladies over at Bloom & Boudoir. As a young woman with a full(ish) bust, I’ve struggled with lace bralets especially when it comes to concealing the nipples under my clothing and the fit. These are by far the best sets I’ve owned as all issues have been eliminated. I think that deserves a YAY!

Facetune_10-10-2018-19-16-25 2.jpg
Facetune_10-10-2018-19-17-15 2.jpg