Packing Light For A Weekend City Trip


Howdy, everyone! A group getaway has been planned - 4 nights in Budapest, yay! I’ll be travelling with 14 of the most craziest humans and we’ll all be staying in an AirBnb apartment. I can't even begin to tell you guys how excited I am, for the endless laughter, fun and sheer madness. Now it’s time to think about how I can pack strategically, efficiently and even stylishly.

I’ve always been that girl who packs the same amount of items as if I was packing for one week, resulting in an overload of items that do not work well together, therefore unable to wear. It’s worse when you’ve prepared to take that perfect #ootd shot and realise that all you’ve done is throw random pieces of clothing into a suitcase. I’m definitely speaking from experience and have realised that less is actually more. This is why I've decided to publish an article titled 'Packing Light For A Weekend Trip.'

Gone are the days where I feel the need to pack an entire closet. I’ve created two mood boards to convey my ideas and hope that it can be a source of inspiration to anyone struggling with packing light for a short trip. Thank God for Tumblr and Pinterest as I can rely on both platforms to provide me with a daily dose of inspiration. I mean that’s how I discovered It girl, Jeanne Damas who is the epitome of chic and has influenced my perception of style tremendously.

A good rule of thumb that I've adopted is editing down my clothing choices to simple essentials. For a weekend break, I've limited myself to about three to six outfits, evening wear included. I'm sticking to one colour story - solids and soft neutrals which will mainly be worn with denim and styled with gold jewellery. Urban sojourns call for longline coats (I only bring one coat and that's the one I'm normally wearing to and from the airport and in black or navy), a blazer, one or two shirts, two pairs of jeans (straight leg jeans are currently my favourite!), three to four jumpers and two or three pairs of shoes depending on what you're doing - black heels, a pair of boots and sneakers. That doesn't sound too bad right?

When it comes to planning outfits for a night out in the city, it's an absolute nightmare which I'm sure you can all agree with. Like how do you flaunt those legs without freezing your a*s off? I'm not a fan of the good old 20 denier hosiery so 99.9% of the time I suck it up and just bare it all. For Budapest, I'm going for chic and elevated:

Classic Black Blazer

Oversized Check Blazer

Straight Leg Jeans

Black Heels

A Pair of Ankle Boots

Silk Blouse

Skinny Jeans

A Little Black Dress

All of the above can easily be styled with a longline coat for extra warmth whilst strolling from bar to bar but being the rebel that I am, I'm more than likely going to ditch the coat.

I'll be capturing all my outfits for the duration of my stay so keep an eye out on fashionenth for all the #ootds. Have you got any trips planned in the new year? I'd love to know how you're planning on packing light for your weekend trip!


images sourced from Tumblr & Pinterest.