How To Style Striped Jogger Pants


In today’s post, I present to you a visual checklist of my ultimate style essentials this Autumn, in collaboration with Tobi. Before I proceed, I would like to mention that this is a non-dedicated post.

When Tobi reached out for collaboration with me on some of their current pieces, I was thrilled. I had a mooch on their website and proceeded in selecting some pieces that I could really work within my wardrobe this season.

I received 3 items and after carefully putting each look together, I decided to create a three part series on how I’ve styled each look which you can find, here and here.


What I'm Wearing //

Sandy Black Side Striped Jogger Pants

Basic Denim Jacket

High Heel Sock-Style Ankle Boots

Multirow Necklace

When we think of basics, we automatically think of core pieces in our wardrobe. You know, the ones we at least wear every second day. I’ve recently decluttered a wardrobe of whimsical and impractical items, totally dedicating myself to eliminating the unnecessary. I’m slowly gearing towards more basic pieces that are not ‘basic’ in the sense of being cheap or lacking in quality, but items that can be worn with just about everything dressed up, down or in any way that pleases you individually. They’re a great base layer to work from and build upon if you’re currently going through a style revamp and do not want something overpowering.


Photography by @ebun._

Having said that, I’m sporting (get it?!) a pair of side striped jogger pants. Not exactly Adidas but it definitely works, right? Everyone is aware of the elevated play on wearable sportswear over the last few years and to be honest, I’ve never really hopped on the bandwagon when it comes to trends but one piece that has tickled my fancy has been the everyday tapered jogger.

I’ve dressed them up in pointy black ankle boots not to dominate the outfit but rather stabilise it. I’ve always enjoyed playing around with silhouettes so I’ve added an oversized denim jacket which I purchased from Zara Men. Guys, I never realised how hard it was to find the perfect denim jacket in exactly the right fit and style but one thing I’ve realised is that you can always count on Menswear to come through with exactly what you’re looking for. I reckon I need to spend more time down the men’s aisle…

Let me know in the comments below, what core items you’re incorporating into your wardrobe this season!

Until next time,