Eunice Abe

Eunice Abe is a 25 year old young professional living in Birmingham, England. She was born and raised in Europe (Switzerland, Germany and Ireland!), and proudly is of Nigerian heritage. With a degree in Fashion Business & Promotion, fashion and style has always been a genuine interest and passion for this individual.

FASHIONENTH’ is Eunice’s personal style diary, blending vintage with modern and serving as an archive of inspiration for many.

Eunice came into the blogging scene shortly after finishing college in Ireland (previously known as ‘individualitycreativitystyle’) experimenting with her personal style and later revamping her platform to become ‘FASHIONENTH’. This blog update and rebranding is a perfect reflection of Eunice’s growth over the years, how style conscious she has become post-university as a young professional woman living and working in the city, seeking a way to explore creativity through spaces, and surroundings.

Eunice aims to empower the modern woman (without needing to break the bank!) helping her make informed decisions, not needing to conform to society’s standards for a quick fix of ‘perfectionism.’ An open platform where all are welcome to create conversations and develop authentic relationships.

Photo by MDKN Media.