More About ME


I’ve always had a “passion for fashion,” combined with a creative flair and a desire to help other women like myself beat the style rut! So, welcome to my abode - a space dedicated to fashion and style. My aim is to help modern millennial women make better and more conscious fashion choices, so that we can both take the right steps towards sustainable living. With qualifications in Fashion Industry Practice & Fashion Business, paired with 8 years of experience working in Fashion Retail whilst juggling a style blog, I am thrilled to be able to share affordable and attainable looks to inspire your style journey.

Over the years, I’ve transformed into a “no fuss shopper” and recently been implementing simple sustainability efforts in order to decrease clothing consumption and do my part for the environment. I’ll be completely honest with you - I still shop fast-fashion but consciously - by investing in key pieces that I know I can wear for seasons to come. On the other hand, I shop vintage or second hand clothing from local charity shops and if you stick around, you’ll also find tips on how to find the best gems at your local charity shop! Let me help YOU look and feel stylish, without breaking the bank (because let’s be real, we’re millennials and have “priorities.”)