I’m Eunice Abe!

A Fashion Business graduate, Social Media Executive and [hashtag] Content Creator.

You’ll find posts on this blog on a range of topics such as Fashion, Lifestyle, (because life can get really crap and we need a regular pick me up right?) and some occasional Travel content if I’m motivated enough to visually capture some holiday memories. But, this is your GO-TO for expert tips and styling advice for every occasion and season. I’ve dedicated this platform to helping you with all your style woes! You may want to start here first if you’ve got that burning style query.

After dropping off from the blogging scene for a few years, I came back stronger, rebranded and even started working with a few brands! I have previously worked with incredible brands such as Marks & Spencer, Dior (I know!), The Body Shop UK and GANT, with many more to come!

When I’m not working, you’ll find me either strolling around Zara aimlessly for hours, rummaging through the rails of my local charity and vintage shops, or in bed wasting my life away and binge watching all my favourite series.

So are you ready for the good stuff? Come find me on social media! I spend most of the time retweeting my Twitter feed and rambling about the most random things here or posting my OOTDs over on my Instagram feed.

I really do hope you guys enjoy your time here, as much as I enjoy creating content to help YOU. I really want to make this an accessible platform, where I can inspire the modern woman and help her make conscious decisions when it comes to fashion. I want this blog to inspire you and your friends - like I really want you gals to consume all this content that you’ll have no choice but to talk about it!

My DMS, inboxes are always open if you have any questions or fancy a natter (chit-chat!) If you made it this far, thank you for reading my not-so-lengthy bio. You’re a real one!

Speak soon,


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